Reflectors and Flowtubes

Laser reflectors consist of a monolithic block of a transparent material each. They are used as filters, reflectors and thermal conductors. Such reflectors are milled out of a rod or block of a selected material. Undoped or with rare earth doped quartz glass with high optical quality is used as the material. In order to produce the reflecting outer surfaces, silver coating are applied with the help of chemical or electrochemical methods.

Used materials:

  •   fused quartz
  •   Cerium doped quartz glass
  •   Europium doped quartz glass
  •   Samarium doped glass S7005, S7010
  •   Pyrex glass
  •   Borofloat 33
  •   Other materials

Standard dimensions and tolerances:

  •   Inner diameter: 2-40mm (±0.05-0.10mm)
  •   Length: 10-130mm (±0.05-0.10mm)
  •   Parallelism: 0.05-0.1mm

Reflectors can be also manufactured according to the customers' requests.


The mirrored reflectors for diode-pumped lasers consist of quartz glass or sapphire tubes whose outer surface is coated with silver and an extra protection coating. Several areas of these reflectors are uncoated and are used as windows for pumping laser diodes. In order that the size of the window of the reflectors is adapted to the dimensions of the pumping source, such reflectors are manufactured according to the customers' requests.