Bonded Crystals

Bonded Crystals (also: diffusion bonded crystals or composite crystals) consist of at least two crystals with the same lattices but different dopants. These crystals are combined with optical contact during the manufacturing process. After that, they are heated up to a temperature near the melting point and they are connected further under pressure so that diffusion processes occur. Then, the crystals are cooled down slowly.

There are different types of combinations:

If undoped crystals are used as end caps, thermal effects can be reduced. Because of lower peak temperatures, thermal lensing and thermal fractures decrease. For thin-disk laser, an undoped end cap reduces ASE (amplified spontaneous emission). Such a laser is more mechanically stable and has less mechanical stress.

A crystal consisting of segments of different doping concentrations can be used for end-pumped solid-state lasers. The absorption of the pump power is smoothed so that there is consistent absorption in the crystal. Therefore, the temperature is spread evenly. The result is a higher output power, a higher pump efficiency, and a better beam quality.

If a bonded crystal consists of differnet dopands , one part is used as the laser gain medium while the other part is used as a saturable absorber for passively Q-switching. The size of the construction is effectively reduced but the flexibility is lost.

Impex offers following crystals:

  • Nd:YAG + Cr:YAG
  • YAG + Nd:YAG + YAG
  • Nd:YVO4 + YVO4
  • Nd:GdVO4 + GdVO4

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