Neodymium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet



Neodymium doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Nd3+:Y3Al5O12 or Nd:YAG) laser crystals are the most widely used in industrial, medical and scientific applications. Its main advantages are: low threshold pump power, high efficiency, low loss at 1.064µm, as well as high optical quality, good thermal conductivity and thermal shock characteristics, stable chemical and mechanical properties, which make Nd:YAG as the most suitable and commercial laser material for all types of solid-state lasers.


Impex HighTech uses Nd:YAG crystals, which are grown on the Czochralsky methods and supply various laser rods and slabs with different doping upon customer’s request. Also diffusion bonding with undoped YAG and Cr:YAG is possible. We also manufacture this laser crystal with concave radius of curvature on the entrance (cavity mirror) side which allows compensation of thermal induced lenses and lead to much higher output powers.