Holmium doped Yttrium Lithium Flouride


Single crystalline Holmium doped Yttrium-Lithium fluoride rods (Ho:YLF or Jo3+:LiYF4) are used in solid-state lasers which are widely used for industrial, medical and scientific applications. Pure YLF crystals are transparent within the spectrum band of 0.12µm-7.5µm. They are also photo, thermo and radiation resistant. The YLF crystals have low values of non-linear refraction index and thermo optical constants, which makes theses crystals applicable in areas as research, development, production, photonics, optic, laser technology and telecommunications.


Typical applications for Er:YLF, Ho:YLF and Tm:YLF products:

  • Highly sensitive detection/ranging measurement systems (Ho:YLF, wavelength - 0.75µm and Er:YLF, wavelength - 0.85µm)
  • Eye-harmless target spotlighting laser system (Er:YLF, wavelength - 1.73µm)
  • Complex measurement systems using several operation wavelengths:
    • Er:YLF, wavelength 0.85µm and 1.73µm
    • Ho:YLF, wavelength 0.75µm and 0.98µm
    • Tm:YLF, wavelength 2.35µm and 1.89µm
    • Guidance systems laser (Ho:YLF, wavelength 3.9µm)