Chromium doped Forsterite


Chromium doped Forsterite (Cr4+: Mg2SiO4) is a tunable laser material that fills the spectral void in the near-IR region. The tuning range covers the important spectral range from 1130nm to 1348nm, which provides a minimal dispersion in optical fibers. The Forsterite laser eventually explores its niche applications for semiconductor characterization, eye-safe ranging, medical, industrial and scientific research. Both pulsed and continuous-wave (CW) laser operations have been obtained when pumped with 532nm, 578nm, 629nm and 1064nm.


We provide Forsterite crystals with the dimensions up to 120mm in length and up to 30mm in diameter. AR-coatings can be provided to meet your specific requirements.

Optical and spectral properties
Lasing wavelength in nm


Refractive index
ng = 1,670

nm = 1,651

np = 1,635

Physical properties
Density in g/cm3
Crystal structure
Thermal conductivity in W/(m · K)
Thermal expansion in 1/K
9,5 · 10-6
Mohs hardness
Lattice constant in Å
a = 4,77

b = 10,28

c = 6,00

Fluorescence lifetime in µs
Dopant concentration in at.%
0,05 ‐ 0,5