Spherical Optics

IMPEX produces lenses and domes of various types out of different suitable crystals and glasses.

The spherical, optical elements we offer are appropriate for a wide range of applications. Lenses can be made from materials such as fluoride, sapphire, garnet, glass, ZnSe, ZnS, Ge and other materials. Spherical elements in the form of domes are used to protect optical sensors, camera systems and measuring devices. We are proud that our domes, made of sapphire, spinel or ZnS are part of rockets, airplanes, or submarines. We can produce domes in the shape of a hemisphere and even hyper-hemisphere.

The degree of hemisphere that can be achieved depends on the radius of the dome.

We offer spherical scattering and converging lenses made of Ssapphire for endoscopy and research starting at a diameter of 6 mm, which is already on the borderline to microoptics.

Our components meet the highest demands with regard to shape quality, surface cleanness and resistance to environmental influences.

Spherische Optik: Zylinderlinsen, Konvexlinsen.