Sapphire from IMPEX HighTech GmbH

Sapphire is the most common material in the field of optical high technology applications due to its outstanding optical, physical and chemical properties. We offer sapphire nearly in all shapes.

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Lasers from IMPEX HighTech GmbH

Impex offers a wide range of laser systems with passively as well as actively Q-switched systems.

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Our flexibility and production experience allows us to manufacture not only in series but also customer-specific unique pieces. We would be happy to advise you in advance.

Optics, crystals and lasers in all their versatility

From medical technology to science and research

IMPEX HighTech GmbH is a medium-sized German company with its own production facility in Yerevan, Armenia, one of the most traditional regions of the optical industry.

IMPEX’s core business is the precision machining of synthetic sapphire. This unique material is used to produce precision optics, domes, high-pressure components, tubes, and crucibles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

Furthermore, we produce lenses, prisms, substrates, mirrors and beam splitters , from fluorides, selenides, garnets, different glasses and other UV and IR materials in best quality.

In its 20-year history IMPEX has established itself as a reliable supplier and project partner for many well-known, globally active companies in various high-tech fields such as aerospace, medical technology, mechanical engineering , and science. Worth mentioning are gravitational wave research projects such as VIRGO, KAGRA and ET (Einstein-Telescope).

From its own production at the German headquarters in Muenster, IMPEX offers passive Q-Switched short-pulse lasers for niche markets and special 3 µm Laser with extremely short pulses for medical and scientific applications.

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