Special Production


The experience with different joining techniques in combination with laser processing of materials enables us to offer optical elements of complicated shape. Special production is carried out in consultation with customers after the technology has been discussed and the measurement methods have been agreed. Special production often includes transparent prototypes of motors or pumps, holders and insulators of complicated shapes in the electrical industry and models for science. Special production always takes place in close contact and exchange with the customer.

Here is a typical example of customer-oriented special production. For this piece, a (0001)-oriented cylinder was drilled from a Kyropoulos block, then the flanges were machined on and finally optically polished inside and out. (Ø 20 mm x 100 mm length, custom made)

The next example is a sapphire mount that is being developed as a suspension for mirrors used in gravitational wave research projects. Here, a sapphire rod is connected with sapphire cubes at the respective ends.