Windows, Mirrors, Beam Splitters

Optical windows, mirrors, beam splitters, wafers or other plan optics are produced out of many substrate materials. These components are used for transmission optics, protection windows and display windows in the vacuum technique, spectroscopy, sensor technology, high pressure technique, laser industry and countless other areas.

In cooperation with our experienced partners, we offer AR coatings from UV to deep IR range.

Our offered mirrors can be used in the spectral range of UV, VIS and IR. Optical mirrors with a metallic coating have a high reflectivity over a very wide spectral range while mirrors with a dielectric coating have a smaller range but far better reflection properties.

Impex Hightech offers a wide range of optical beam splitters. For example, plate beam splitters with a coated front surface is available, which determines the beam splitting ratio, while the back surface is wedged and AR coated to reduce residual images and interference effects. Cube beam splitters are available as polarizing or non-polarizing.