Analytical Technology, Oil and Gas Industry

For analytics, IMPEX manufactures optical elements such as prisms for refractometers, and spectrometers are made of UV and IR materials.

Protection caps for temperature measurements, protection windows for ovens, mirrors and windows for gas sensors, scanning windows, high pressure windows and tubes of Sapphire für Pipelines – diese Kapillaren und Fenster liefern wir in verschiedenen Durchmessern und Dicken an unsere Kunden.

Sapphire is used extensively in the chemical industry thanks to its corrosion resistance and heat resistance: Crucibles for crystal growth, tubes, wafers for LEDs, cuvettes for water purification - all this is part of our product portfolio.

Our development and consulting team supports you right from the start of your project. This includes the right choice of materials, working techniques, surface quality required depending on the application, strength and angular accuracy of the assemblies for high-pressure applications, as well as prototype development.

Our Products

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A wide range of products from synthetic sapphire 


Optic components from all typical optical materials

From UV to IR


Q-switched systems in a wide spectral range

From UV (266nm)
 to IR (2.94µm)


Immediately availiable cheap stocks from overproduction