Research Projects

The precision machining of optical elements and special joining techniques for joining optical elements have given us the opportunity to participate in well-known international research projects such as KAGRA, VIRGO and ET (Einstein telescope). For these facilities, we have been manufacturing suspensions for mirrors made of glass, sapphire or silicon for years. The experience in customized manufacturing of structures and the good knowledge of the physical properties of the materials enable us to work closely with institutes. Our expertise in the development and design of objects for gravitational wave research is already in demand in the early phases of construction.

Many years of experience with different joining techniques in combination with laser processing of materials enables us to participate in other research projects at PTB, DLR, ESA or Caltech.

Our Products

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A wide range of products from synthetic sapphire 


Optic components from all typical optical materials

From UV to IR


Q-switched systems in a wide spectral range

From UV (266nm)
 to IR (2.94µm)


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