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ERB15 laser

We introduces The Unique and Universal Er:YAG laser system ERB15 OEM, which is now the highest power and ultra shortest Pulses  available.

We have been supplying our ERB15 solutions for the research, medical and industrial laser market for many years and now we use that experience to offer our unique ER:YAG Laser  with 2.94 µm with less than 60 ns Puls width and 15 mJ Pulse energyat maximum repetition rate of 10 Hz.

The free-running Er:YAG laser designed for clinical use typically has a pulse width of a few hundred microseconds. When such a long-pulsed radiation is applied to the affected areas, the excess heat diffuses into the surrounding healthy tissues, causing damage or necrosis. Therefore, it is very important to develop a high-energy (high-peak-power) with short pulse width it means, reduce the diffusion time for the treatment of hard tissue with minimum lateral heat affecting.

More details can be found in the corresponding PDF datasheet below. For different specifications, please contact us directly. We also develop customer specified laser systems.

ERB15 laser system
ERB15 laser head
LPSS Er:YAG laser